How To Find Prepping Gaps

how to find your prepping gapsA prepping gap is where you wish you had something but didn’t know you needed it.  We all have them and we all need the light shined on them.  There are plenty of ways to find these.  First off you can listen to shows that are dedicated to prepping.  These will tell you what to put in your kits.  To me this is not very useful.  I want to know why and where they will be used.  I also want to know what is the rate of return these have in my life.  The best way that I found to do this is to run different scenarios.  Cut the power off and see what you really need.  This shows a lot more than a list of stuff you should have.  Your family will be in better shape when you for having these things figured out ahead of time instead of day of.

How do we find our prepping gaps?

    • Lite version
    • Certain scenarios
    • Heavy version
    • Why you should find your prepping gaps
    • How you analyze the prepping gaps

Resources used in today’s show:

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