Lessons From Past Disasters

lessons from past disastersDisasters happen when least expected.  We are not all sitting around waiting on them to occur but rather getting on with our daily lives.  But what happens when disasters do strike?  Is there a way that we can call upon our past experience to solve a current issue?  I can answer that with a whole hardy, yes!  It is not just something we should do, it is something we need to do.  Be a gentleman and take the time to learn from past disasters so that our families can be safer.  Learn from past disasters so that the disaster wont be as bad as before.  There are many different interpretations on how the disasters could have been handled, however these are mine.  It may behoove you to make your own opinions.

What can we learn from past disasters?

    • how they happened
    • what made them worse
    • what would have helped
    • could this happen again
    • how do we protect our families from them

Resources used in the show:

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