Why Gentlemen Need A Challenge

why gentlemen need a challengeTo keep your mind sharp, as gentlemen, we need a challenge.  The challenge can come from different places and have different angles.  No matter the way it comes, it is the same idea and we have to embrace it.  I mention a few times in the podcast that you have to have a main goal and see your success.  Success has to be defined by you.  No one else can define your success.  Once you have your definition in place you have to construct your challenges to meet your goals without violating your ethics.  This is our topic of discussion today.  Why the challenge is necessary and how to embrace the hard work.

If you decide to listen to the show today you will hear a man that likes the challenge.  The homestead that I have been working to build is a challenge within itself.  Just making it work and working by myself is hard enough.  This does not include the technical work that goes into planning, developing, increasing this, decreasing that, and the weather that impedes process.  As men we should be prepared to meet these challenges with gusto and enthusiasm and welcome the brain workout that it provides.


why do gentlemen need a challenge?

  • keeps your focused on your main goals
  • makes your brain work
  • keeps you young

The reason is because I need to do some reflection and figure out where I want the show to go next year.

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