Cell Phone Etiquette – A Gentlemen’s Guide

Cell Phone Etiquette - A Gentlemen's GuideEveryone has a cell phone now.  Your children has a cell phone, your grandparents has a cell phone, but what annoys me and everyone around me is how we have not developed an etiquette.  Maybe we have, but have we… wait a moment… yeah, no I can talk… Okay, sorry, now I am back and I swear I am more interested in this conversation.  Maybe we have figured out an cell phone etiquette but have we implemented it?  I would ague that is has not based on how society has developed our lives along side our distraction device.

I do enjoy my cell phone and I do use it to acomplish different tasks.  However, I have employed a set of rules that I do not violate.  An etiquette that I will not go behind because I put more stock with face to face interaction versus over the cell phone.

How do we employee our own cell phone etiqutte?

    • when we answer our phones
    • What dictates an emergency
    • when is texting appropriate
    • no cell phone zones

Resources used in today’s show:

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