Winterizing Your Home and Vehicle

winterizing your home and vehicleThe winter months are upon us.  From the past two shows I have been talking about getting ready for the winter.  This is something that we should all be thinking about and proactively working towards getting ready for.  Winterizing your home and vehicle takes little effort and can save you a lot of money and headache.  So in other words your rate of return of investment is super high for this project or projects.  I personally will be doing most of these things that I am talking about today.  Lets get serious about this though.  We have to work towards keeping our families warm without blowing up the budget.  We also need to make sure our vehicles are winterizing to do their job just in case we have an emergency.  Winterizing your home and vehicle is not a hard task to do, but there needs to be a high rate of return on your investment per project to keep you doing it every year.

what projects can we do for winterizing our home and vehicles?

    • Bring in all your outside firnature
    • seal up your windows and doors
    • curtains
    • create a mudroom
    • insulate under house
    • clean out gutters
    • get chimney cleaned
    • move in plants
    • bring out the big blankets
    • close up storm doors
    • wrap your pipes
    • add insulation behind electrical sockets
    • attic
    • get some salt
    • put cover over air conditioner
  • Car
    • battery check
    • windshield wipers
    • check four wheel drive
    • check anti freeze
    • change oil
    • get your survival stuff ready
    • tarp over windshield
    • be prepared to drive on ice

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