cold weather recipes

Cold Weather Recipes

cold weather recipesThere is no denying that the cold is upon us.  This is the time of year that the darkness starts to overtake the light in their everlasting battle for time in the sky.  Not only are we going to experience shorter days but we are in the prime of the year to have recipes that bring back major traditions.  The concept of traditions can bring someone back in their memories to a time in their lives that made them super happy.  Traditional recipes that make them remember a time that was once an easier time.  Recipes that are not just easy to make and useful to clean out the garden but that have a wonderful taste.  Along with stunning recipes but traditions that make these recipes what they are.  Alone they are just a soup and a stew but with a tradition behind them make it so much more.

Head over to my friends site called Carolina Givens where he has an awesome list of recipes to choose from.  He is not a sponsor but he does deserve some of your love.  Check him out!

carolina givens

What are some cold weather recipes that i should look into?

  • Vegetable Soup
  • Brunswick Stew
  • Why I have these recipes on my list
  • What traditions are related to these recipes
  • Why you should consider bringing these recipes into your traditions

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