Bug Out Locations- Why You Want One and Where To Find One

bug out location why you want one and where to find oneThere may come a time one day that you will need to pack your things and bug out really quick and you will have to find a place to stay.  More than likely you will not ever need to bug out.  How often do you go on vacation, camping, want to set up a new business, have a retirement home, guest house, get away destination, or have something to sell quick to keep you from going into bankruptcy?  This is what I am trying to sell you on today.  The concept of a bug out location.  What is it and why should you have one, or in my case, many of them.  It is up to you, as a man, to be able to care for your family.  You should be prepared to house your family if something bad does happen in or around your town.  My suggestion is to act now and prepare before you really need to react.

bug out locations- why you want one and where do you find them

Today we talk about bug out locations

    • bol
    • what are they
    • why you need them
    • how many do you need
    • where to space them
    • where to find these things

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