bringing home fire department values

Bringing Home Fire Department Values

bringing home fire department valuesA lot of your career fire departments are ran like little families.  We cook together, sleep under the same roof, laugh, and learn together.  A lot of the things that we do during our week and the things that we do every year are things that we can all do around our homes.  This helps with structure and helps to be constant with everything.  I try my hardest to make sure that we clean the house once a week.  Well now that I have a day devoted to cleaning the house, I do it every Friday.  This is a great way to make sure that we get things done.  Along with that, we have traditions that we make sure are done every year.  We all look forward to doing them and have a great time with it.  My suggestion is to consider your own traditions and create your own values out of this short list.

Bringing home fire department values

    • cook together
      • eat together
    • friday cleanup
    • saturday maintenance
    • buy good equipment
      • care for it
    • we look out for each other
      • don’t let each other get hurt
      • keep each other looking nice
      • teach each other

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