What To Do If You Witness a Wreck

what to do if you witness a wreckWe have all seen them in our lives.  Sometimes we are cruising down the road and all of a sudden get into a traffic jam only to find a wreck was the reason.  Sometimes we see them happen right in front of us.  As men we should be able to help, if we want to.  We should, at the least, be able to call in a wreck to 911 without acting like a fool.  There are certain things that I have learned over a career that can be used as useful knowledge to gentlemen like us.  Understand that if you do not want to stop for the wreck, you do not have to.  This is always an option.  Or if you want to just call 911 you can.  The idea is that you should not put yourself into danger just trying to help someone during a wreck.

Today is a short show.  I know I usually get on a talk for a while about the subject on hand but I am literately coming up short on time.  Sometimes there are things that I can do to adjust my schedule to give the show exactly what it needs, but today, and for the next two weeks, is not that time.  Sorry, but this is how things work.

what do you do if you witness a wreck?

  • how do you do so
  • how do you prepare yourself
  • what should you know
  • what should you have with you
  • how to crowd control

Resources for today’s show

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