what i wish i knew in high school

What I Wish I Knew In High School

what i wish i knew in high schoolHigh School, for many people, was one of the hardest things to get through.  For me personally, it was just a major annoyance and I just wanted out with the least amount of damage possible.  People are mean and hateful and try to put you down just so they can feel better about themselves.  Everyone believes that this is the best time in their life and that the problems that they encounter now will be worse than the ones that are to come.  Most of this is nonsense, however we do not speak about this to our children and our young community.  Usually they are the ones that get pushed around and ignored, left to come up with their own views on how reality actually works in the real world.  Hopefully today I will have challenged you to take matters into your own hands and speak with your children about what you wish you knew in high school.  Along with that, take some time to think about what you wish you knew in high school and comment on the Facebook page what you think.

what do you wish you knew in high school?

Join me today as we talk about

  • my top 17 things that I wish I knew in high school
  • why this topic really matters to a gentleman
  • why we should talk to our children about high school stress

Remember that September is Suicide Awareness Month and we all should see the warning signs of this.  We may not like to think about this but it is not like a gentleman to shy away from things that we dont like to think about.  Learn the signs to help prevent a possible issue in your or your families lives.

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