A guide to men’s fashion

a guide to mens fashionEvery man, in some point in their life, wants to look good.  This can be for a wedding, going on a date, or even to upgrade your look in general.  I brought on a guest to help cover this topic.  His name is Anu and he is the host of the blog The Vestiary.  Anu is very knowledgeable of the subject that is men’s fashion and that is why I wanted to sit down and pick his brain about it.  There are a lot of different people trying to sell you things but really lacking on concepts related to men’s fashion.  The basis of todays show was to make sure that we could cover this problem.  If you are looking for a way to upgrade your wardrobe without taking a loan out and present yourself in a better way, you have found the right podcast.  Anu is a very intellegent and well spoken individual that knows the in’s and out’s of men’s fashion and is willing to enlighten us on the topic.

skilled gentlemen podcast

What does a gentleman need to know about men’s fashion?

  • What is The Vestiary
  • Why should gentlemen be concerned with men’s fashion?
  • What is men’s fashion like today?
  • Where to look for inspiration in fashion
  • What kind of accessories should men wear
  • Skin care as it relates to a gentleman

Resources mentioned in todays show:

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