Preparing for a fall garden

preparing for a fall gardenWhen we step out of the house in the morning we all feel how winter is winning back the day.  Fall is in our soon future and we should think about preparing for a fall garden.Fall gardening is a wonderful way to up your gardening game.  You can plant the things that just dont make it during the summer months.  This also gives you a last ditch chance to get some money out of the ground before everything goes to sleep for the winter.   There are many things that we can plant and many ways to keep our pants safe when old man frost hits our gardens from erecting a greenhouse to cutting apart milk jugs and placing them over the plants plus many more ways to “hack” your garden (lol).  So break out your garden trough and get ready to dig up a garden and plant some awesome tasting vegetables.

So what should I look forward to hearing about having a fall garden?

  • how do we figure out when to plant what
  • does it really matter if we stay 100% in line with that date
  • what should be planted in gardens now
  • what are some recipes that will blow minds
  • ideas to expand our grow season beyond first frost
  • When should we plant trees
  • How do we plant trees
  • why do gentlemen care about this stuff

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