how to be a thief

How To Be A Thief

how to be a thiefThief live among us just waiting on us to slip up and fall prey to their sticky fingers.  As gentlemen we should know our enemy and be able to ward against their tactics.  The only way to do this is be learn how to be a thief ourselves.  This tactic is not used just in this situation but used all around the world as tactics to find escaped prisoners and even to fight fire.  Learning how to be a thief starts from being able to do a correct home evaluation.  This consist of walking around your home and checking out your vulnerabilities.  But today we are going to take it further than that and really dive into how to be a thief.

So How do you become a thief?

  • Why do people resort to being a thief
  • Why should we even care to do a home evaluation
  • Where else can we ward ourselves against a thief
  • What can you change about yourself to keep you from pickpockets

I mentioned today:

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