Preparing for a Backpacking Trip

hiking-691738_640Most men want to test their grit and the best way to do so is by backpacking.  Backpacking can be a family trip or a self directed test of endurance, but regardless the reason backpacking is something that has to be prepared for.  There are certain things about backpacking that can be done preventive that can make your backpacking trip better and more enjoyable instead of a blister induced sweat fest.  Learning from past trips through the different mountain ranges throughout North Carolina, I have pretty much made as many mistakes as humanly possible.  The topics that need to be covered today regarding backpacking are:

  • Why anyone would want to do this
  • What part of your person does backpacking effect
  • How to choose your time of year for a good trip
  • How to prepare for a long backpacking trip
  • How to mentally prepare
  • What are some things that you need to bring
  • Why someone should know your whereabouts

Today I did use a few resources for research:

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