basics of astronomy

Basics of Astronomy

basics of astronomyThe study of astronomy is is defined as the study of the universe.  How can we bestow the acquisition of knowledge of astronomy to our children?  How can we get them interested in learning and stretching their minds in astronomy concepts?  My idea is getting them involved with astronomy.  My father taught me a little about the universe, or about as much as he could, and from there I started searching and trying to quench a thirst for knowledge that would never stop.  Still today I hear a word or a concept and spend hours learning about it and trying to figure it out because of the time my father spent teaching me about our place in the universe.  There are many different topics and many different concepts that can be discussed but I decided to talk about 3 today.

  • What is light
  • How big is the universe
  • Why did we get rid of Pluto as a planet

I dive into each topic very deep and continue to stretch the limits of your mind and try to convey what little knowledge I have on the subject at hand.  During the research phase I got the blue screen of death.  Luckily for me I was able to restore and get back to work, but this means I need to back my stuff up and get ready for a complete meltdown.  So little to no resources available for you to click on, but I did my best to remember what I found.

Also if you liked today’s topic and would like to hear more about this, please let me know because I would love to do more topics about this kind of stuff.

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