A Gentlemans Guide to Pest Control

a gentlemans guide to pest controlEventually in every mans life we deal with a pest, either outside on the homestead or in the home.  As a gentleman we should know how to avoid using the extremely harmful spray or the inhumane traps by using plants and humane traps to do the deal for us.  Pests usually do things for a reason be it get warmer, get food, or shelter down.  We should find a way to either accommodate their needs elsewhere or divert them to other parts of the property because we need certain pests on the property.  Take the humble bat for instance.  These pests eat their weight in bugs every night, keeping them away from you but they cant stay in your gable vent.  By placing a house in a specific area of your property you can enjoy their usefulness without them pooping on your deck and invading your attic.  During the show I spoke about How To Get Rid Of Gnats.  Check this out and consider trying it out in your own kitchen.

There is a lot to cover today, so join me as I talk about:

  • Why gentlemen should not reach for the pesticides right away
  • How fencing helps pest control
  • What we can plant to help with controlling pest
  • Building a house to accommodate a common pest
  • How doing a little bit of cleaning before bed can keep your home free from pests
  • What pest waits for grass to get too tall
  • Humane traps and where they stand
  • When to call the pest control guy and what to ask while hes there

Resources used in today’s show:

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