Airway Management

Runners_pantingWhen speaking about executive protection for the family, I truly mean that we are the protectors of our family, a sheep dog if you must.  An executive protection agent only works for a few hours and goes home, we are there always so we need to be prepared to handle and deal with an emergency whenever it presents.  One disaster that could happen could be someone experiencing an emergency dealing with their airway.  Airway management consists of the possibility of shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, respiratory distress, or respiratory arrest.  So how do we deal with possibly airway emergencies?  I walk you through all of the different signs and symptoms of an airway emergency and talk about how to deal with them today in the next part of the medical series that deals with executive protection for the family.  If this is not your idea of executive protection and wish for more of a tactical show, stay tuned for future shows dealing with the tactics of executive protection for the family.

Join me today as I talk about:

  • What is an airway emergency
  • What is considered normal
  • Instructions to help someone through an airway emergency
  • When to call 911
  • What you can add to your medical kit to help in an airway emergency

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