Planning An Epic Road Trip

3981191542_80f8d4616f_oSummer is here and everyone is going out of town for trips and vacations.  Everyone always looks forward to the destination being at the beach or mountains.  However, is there a way to make it to where we look forward to the trip along with the destination?  Planning a road trip is tricky because of all of the extra things that you need to pack, maps to be drawn, activities to do for you children, and ways to keep your co-pilot happy but Skilled Gentlemen Podcast is here to help you.  Many miles are put on our vehicles every year going between the mountains, beach, and grandmas but why do we ignore the fact that we can spend the time together enjoying the trip?  If you have not checked out the podcast where I go over the Pre Trip Inspection let me divert you over to it because a lot of work goes into the pre-planning of a road trip, and your vehicle does not need to be something you ignore.  Also during the podcast I spoke briefly on taking your 72 hour kit.  If you have not checked out the podcast on 72 hour kits, please check that out as well.  So you have your idea of where you are planning on going for your epic trip, well join me today as I talk about planning your epic road trip.

  • Why we started taking road trips
  • What to bring along during your road trip
  • What to do during your road trip
  • Pro tips for your road trip

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