A Guide To Bachelor Parties

a guide to bachelor partiesIt is a right of passage to allow ones buddies to take control of a party thrown in your honor at least once in your life.  This party is one that celebrates the passing of a bachelor into married life.  In no other circumstance should any man go without a bachelor party.  There is a fine line between throwing a bachelor party and being obnoxious with a bachelor party.  I want to instruct you on how to throw your friend a bachelor party that everyone can talk about and that everyone will enjoy without glitter.  My bachelor party was amazing and everyone still talks about it today because my best man knew my personality and knew exactly what I would enjoy.  If you have not listened to Being a Best Man In A Wedding you should go back and listen to it.  Want to know more?  Then join us today as I talk about:

  • Why bachelor parties don’t have to be bro fests
  • My bachelor party
  • How to keep people talking about your bachelor party for years
  • How to take charge
  • 8 different ideas for your bachelor party

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