Being a Best Man In A Wedding

Being a best man in a weddingAt some point in your life you will either be a best man in a wedding, however what does it mean to be a best man or what qualities does it take to pick one?  There are the traditional minded people out there that believe that their fathers are to be the best man in their wedding and then there are the modern thinking people that feel their best friend is to be the best man in the wedding.  You have to make that decision for yourself when the time comes for that.  Before the wedding there has to be a few things that the best man has to accomplish to keep the traditions alive and today we are going to speak about those traditions.  Along with all the above, we are going to speak about the history of the wedding and where did all this tradition come from.  I am getting all of my history from Bride and and let me tell you, this is some crazy stuff!!!

Join me today as we talk about:

  • Tradition versus Modern weddings
  • Where did the tradition of Best Man come from in the wedding
  • Where did the tradition of giving away the bride come from
  • Where did the tradition of the wedding party come from
  • What does a best man do before the wedding
  • What roles do best men play in the wedding
  • Why it is an honor to be a Best Man in the wedding

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