Being an Accountability Buddy

being an accountability buddy

Loosing weight is hard and even harder when you are doing it alone.  When you are trying to get out of bed in the morning to go to the gym or go running it helps to keep you going when you have to call someone up and let them down.  Being an accountability buddy is more than just being a workout buddy but it means that you are available to push them further than they are used to going and help them keep on track with their workout goals.  You can go too far and push someone away or make them feel bad about themselves so it does matter to find the right workout partner.  I have spoken before about how you have to start somewhere in your goals to loose weight in Principals of Loosing Weight so I would advise consider checking out that archived podcast to get started.

Join me today as I talk about:

  • Why having a accountability partner is key to success
  • My accountability buddies I’ve had in my past
  • How to find someone you can workout with
  • How to be a good accountability buddy

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