Bar Tricks

Keg_FontsWhen you go out to the bar with your friends you are not always there to pick up women or to get absolutely hammered.  Normally you are hanging out just having a good time and blowing off some steam after work.  Have you ever noticed there is a lull in the conversation? This is a perfect time to bet someone for a beer!  There are plenty of ways to bet someone but these bar tricks is a perfect way to have fun and get free beer from your friends.

Join me today as we talk about:

  • What you should bring with you to the bar
  • Can bet for more than just phone numbers
  • Warnings of the bar tricks
  • Rescue the quarter bar trick
  • Beer Cuffs
  • Beer bottle and lighter
  • Blowing beer cap inside bottle
  • Toothpick balance fork trick

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