Concert Lawn Ticket Etiquette

concert lawn seat etiquetteConcerts are so much fun to go to but they can be very expensive.  Getting lawn tickets are the way to go when you are looking for cheap seats.  There is a way to act and do while you are in the seats to make sure you are not being “That guy” that I am calling concert lawn ticket etiquette.  This is the idea that you are not the only person there and there is a level of respect for others that you should have in the back of your mind while you are there.  Understand the the etiquette should not be so strict that you do not have a good time but etiquette enough to allow others to enjoy the show also.  Lawn tickets are a whole different beast than the regular seats.

Join me today as I talk about:

  • What I noticed when I was at my concert
  • What are lawn tickets
  • My list of Concert Lawn Ticket Etiquette Tips
    • Be observant of wind drift
    • Stay off others
    • stay seated during the opening bands if your in front
    • don’t get drunk
    • Don’t get stoned
  • Outside of etiquette

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