Building an expert level medical kit

First_aid_19Medical emergencies can happen in a heartbeat and to anyone.  Having a medical kit with you can end up being the difference between that person living or dying.  But understand there is one tool in there that everyone has to have and it absolutely makes or breaks that kit, it is your education.  So as gentlemen we need to take an approach that others have bypassed and shortcut for years and has led to many people being hurt or even made things worse because of the inexperienced.  So tune in today and learn the easy way to make your medical bag the right way and not kill someone during your progress.

Join me today as I talk about

  • What I saw at a gun show
  • Likelihood vs. Practical
  • How your education is a key factor in building a medical kit
  • Beginner level items for a medical kit
  • Intermediate level items for a medical kit
  • Advanced level items for a medical kit

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