Everyday Chivalry

Everyday ChivalryEveryday we have the chance to make your spouse’s day special by being a gentleman and acting with chivalry.  When I hear people talk about how they just got married and now they can slack off makes me want to crack them in the head with a stick.  The fact that we take our spouse for granted is absolute crap.  We are planning of spending the rest of our lives together, we should act like we are grateful for the opportunity to be with each other so showing respect by acting like we enjoy each others time and using chivalry we can enrich each others lives.  It just so happens that this is today’s topic of discussion.  Everyday Chivalry and how we can do special things for each other just because we feel privileged to get to spend time together.

Join me today as we talk about:

  • How to get your show discussed
  • Little ways to show chivalry everyday
    • Presenting her with a warm towel
    • Listening to her and acting on it
    • Opening doors
    • Walking between her and the road
    • Protecting her
    • Filling up her car
    • Cooking dinner
    • Having a glass of wine ready after a bad day
    • Don’t be a jerk

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Photo from: Huskyherz

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