Tools For Every Mans Toolbox

wrench-717684_640There has not been a day in a mans life where a tool was needed or could have been used to make a project easier to complete but with all of these master toolboxes out there, where do you start?  Today I take you though my three main toolboxes and give a little insight on how these tools are used and how they are handled.  At the end I spend a little bit of time to help you not be the guy that borrows the tool and gives it back in worse shape than when borrowed.

Join me as I discuss:

  • How to get your show topic covered
  • Why I keep multiple boxes
  • What tools do I use for woodworking
  • What tools are used for vehicle maintenance
  • Tools for everyday use
  • Tools meant for basic work

Didn’t hear your favorite tool on todays show, let me know about it! Picture from:

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