The Gentleman’s Code

the gentleman's codeEvery gentleman needs a code to live by.  This is a gentleman’s code that is the proverbial line drawn in the sand.  The gentleman cannot be pushed further than this line until something has to change.  There also has to be standards instilled in a gentleman that he does not cross or deviate from.  Some call these principals, some call these values, but all can consider it a code.  I submit to you today a list that I am going to call the gentleman’s code.  There are 10 rules that I live by every single day and encourage you to do so.  A gentleman should be aware that it is a skill to take away concepts more than anything and a skilled gentleman creates their own code to live by.

Join me today as I talk about:

  • What is a gentleman’s code
  • Why should a gentleman have a code
  • What my code is comprised of
    1. be your own man
    2. lying is only to be used when it is constructive
    3. when a friend ask for help, you do so
    4. actions are louder than words
    5. be the man you would look up to
    6. being smart is better than being loud
    7. respect others time
    8. listen more than you speak
    9. dress better than the occasion
    10. be your own man

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