10 drinks you should be a pro at making

bartender richThere comes a time in a gentleman’s life where they will be asked to make a drinks for someone.  Pulling out your phone and thumbing though a long list of strange drinks titles and crazy different ingredients are a thing of the past.  Having a mental Rolodex of classic drinks that you can reference is an essential part of a skilled gentleman.  My list of 10 drinks you should be a pro at making may not be the same list that you would have put together.  Let me know on the Facebook page or in the comment section below.

In today’s show we will talk about:

  • Tips for making a mixed drinks
  • What you should buy for making drinks
  • How to make
    • Old Fashioned
    • Mojito
    • Margarita
    • Tequila Sunrise
    • Gin and Tonic
    • Whiskey Sour
    • Mai Tai
    • Cosmo
    • Manhattan
    • Between the sheets

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