Executive Protection for the Family – CPR

3704259986_84273aefddOne of the most scariest things you can go through as a parent or just a human is doing CPR on someone.  I can remember everything about my first CPR that I done and most of the others that I have been able to do.  When it comes to doing CPR most times people will freeze up and not know what to do when asked to do this life saving skill.  There are too many things that can go wrong and there is a possibility for being legally responsible for your actions.  Today I am going to help bust some myths and enlighten you about CPR.  Understand that when you listen to this podcast you are not going to learn how to do it.  That is for someone with an instructor certification, not me.  However, there is a lot that I can teach you by listening today.  In reality there is no reason why you, as a gentleman, learn how to do CPR.

So why should men learn CPR?

Join me as I talk about:

  • How to spot someone in need of help
  • Why it is necessary to learn CPR
  • What should you expect
  • Why this matters

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