Executive Protection for the Family – Medical pt 1

Japanese_World_War_II_first_aid_kitIn the interview that I did with Bob Mayne I briefly spoke about during a medical emergency you have to silence that screaming voice in the back of your head.  There was a question that popped up on the forum concerning that not many people outside of the medical/rescue field would know how to do this or be able to preform like this.  I am going to try my best to do that today on the show.  I understand that what I am explaining will be hard to do, but there is utility to what I am talking about.  There is a lot to learn concerning this topic and so I am going to do my best to explain how to get training to preform in a medical emergency.  When we focus our minds on how scary the situation is and how things could go wrong we tend to make mistakes.  I went through those issues when I first started running medical emergencies.  When I got good at running medical calls is when I mentally separated myself from the situation and become somewhat cold to the situation.  I can not explain it any other way but be apathetic to the situation and the situation tends to not be as real.  I briefly describe this in the podcast and this is a skill that every gentleman should be able to focus on being about to accomplish.

So how do we prepare for medical emergencies involving our family?

Join me today as I discuss:

  • Emotions and why they suck
  • Where to find medical training
  • How to get medical training for free
  • Cheap ways to find training
  • How I dealt with the anxiety of preforming CPR

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