Cooking Basics for a Man

2692476103_0a0eb0d3eeCooking is a skill that has been over complicated and under appreciated for the past few years, but yet everyone wants you to start cooking.  When watching infomercials and sales pitches they will proclaim that you can throw out your entire kitchen for their product and then the next person says the same thing.  I submit to you that you can cook pretty much anything with a few products and it wont cost you 7 easy payments of $19.99!  To be a kitchen master you have to start out with the basics which is what today’s show is about.  Understand that if you are already a master in the kitchen, most of the show will be a little bit boring but the middle to ending we start getting into more advanced concepts, so hang in there.  During the show I mentioned how to grow your own food to help lower your cost of cooking, check out the show titled Gardening Like A Gent.

Join me today as we talk about:

  • Why this matters to a gentleman
  • How you will be healthier by doing this
  • How you will save money
  • How this will bring you closer to your spouse
  • A list of basic tools that you need
  • Some advanced/time saving/ easier tools
  • Basic concepts
  • 4 simple recipes you can try yourself for under $16 per plate

I mentioned a website during the show, check out the article about How Much Money Can You Save Without Eating Out from Out Of Your Rut dot com.

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