Driving like a Gentleman

StateLibQld_1_118784_Man_driving_a_car_in_the_WWI_peace_procession,_Brisbane,_1919When people think of defensive driving they think of driving school when they were a teenager.  I am here to say that is not enough.  As gentlemen we need to understand that road rage and aggressive driving is a real problem and can lead to worse problems than getting to work late because you were behind someone slow.  There is a serious problem in this nation and world when there are statistics of people dying from road rage.  Our families are the ones we hold close and when we are acting like a fool on the road, we put them in danger.  So I present to you a list of things that we can do to change our notions of defensive driving and be gentlemen on the road.

Today we will talk about:

  • Statistics on Aggressive driving and road rage
  • Why this topic is important to gentlemen
  • How we can be safer on and off the roads

During the show I mentioned a few websites:



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  1. You made some clear points there.

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