Basics of Brewing Beer

brewing beerA day that I always look forward to is brew day.  I say always like I do this all the time and have been for years.  The cruel fact is I just learned how to do this and have only had 2 good turnouts and one bad.  To be honest though, it is not a hard thing to do.  Especially when you start out with the kits.  Remember, this is not an advanced show!  I am certain there are many ways to do this but I have taken the way that gets me started and not spend more than $100 to start learning.  Beer not only breaks down walls and strengthens friendships, it is an essential part of our history.  Brewing beer is really simple to do, as long as you have someone to explain the process and you follow basic sanitation procedures.  Brewing is also relatively cheap to get into because you really only need some basic materials.   So today I am going to have a friendly chit chat about the history of beer and why it is essential in today’s society and about my past brew days!

Today’s topics will include:

  • Why was beer such a large part in history
  • How my past brew day went
  • Basics of brewing
  • Basic equipment needed to start yourself
  • Some cool equipment you can build to aid your brewing

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