15 Chivalrous things that you may not be doing

chivalry-390x285Being chivalrous is somewhat of a lost art.  We cannot consider ourselves being gentlemen without analyzing ourselves and finding ways to make ourselves more humble.  There are literately hundreds of ways that men in our day have failed to be a chivalrous gentleman and we need to change this and teach this to our children and the people that look up to us in life.

Join me today as I discuss:

  • Why we need chivalrous men in this world
  • Why it matters to us
  • The 15 things we can start doing today
  1. Opening the car door
  2. Opening the doors for others
  3. Calling instead of texting
  4. Actually listening and engaging in conversation
  5. Standing up for her
  6. Buying her flowers
  7. Keep your phone in your pocket
  8. Holding the umbrella for her
  9. Dress up for her
  10. Learn about her
  11. Never be late
  12. Make sure she got home safe
  13. Do not worry about her past
  14. Do not play games
  15. Be her gentleman, no one else’s

If you can think of others, please comment below or tweet at me @skilledgent.  You can also find me on Pinterest and learn what I am going to try and do around the homestead.  Thank you for listening.


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