Executive Protection for the Family – Introduction

Family_PortraitToday’s topic is one of the quintessential skills that all gentlemen should have.  Today’s topic is the introduction to the topic of Executive Protection.  The idea is to be the protector of your family or have the “sheep dog” mindset.  This is something that I have been working to master for the past few years and have done well thus far.  My skills of being able to care for my family have come about to include everything from pre planning trips to advanced first aid, all of which will be included in the future shows.  Some may take this as gospel and run with it and will do well and others will take this and feel offended because I questioned their manhood.  I do not wish to insult anyone, but you should know how to deal with a possible disaster, no matter how hard it may be to think about.

The series will include:

Today’s topics include:

  • What is an EPA
  • Why should we investigate how to be an EPA
  • Why our families and friends employ us
  • Future Concepts
  • Why this is not a form of paranoia
  • Major statistics

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