Pre-Trip Inspections for a Road Trip

StateLibQld_1_114320_Silvio_Campanotti_posing_next_to_a_Studebaker_car,_Ingham,_1940The pre-trip inspection of a vehicle could mean rather you get to your destination to enjoy your time away from daily grind or spend it in a garage or worse, the hospital.  The topic of today’s show was brought to you by my latest excursion to the mountains with my wife.  After a long weekend of enjoying friends and family along with some surprising smooth single malt Scottish whiskey we had a wonderful time.  You can see a few of the pictures from the trip on my Twitter feed.  Before we left for the mountains I preformed a vital ritual that has been handed down to me from generations of well prepared men.  The pre-trip inspection.  There is a right way and a wrong way to do these and could end up making the trip a great story or a tragedy.

Today’s topic includes:

  • Why this is important for a gentleman to preform?
  • Why it should be taken serious
  • How to preform your inspection
  • What to look for and what tools are needed
  • A few pro tips for your trip
  • The reason why you need a map
  • Rental car concerns

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