10 Things Your Grandfather Got Right

grandfather grandsonChances are your grandfather (or father, great grandfather, etc.) had habits that was done well.  My grandfather was/is a pillar in my life and I respect and admire his life lessons given to me.  As men we need to be able to sit down and take notice of the people in our life and be able to extract the life lessons worth having and carry them onto our own followers in life.

The 10 things your grandfather got right are:

  1. Family comes first
  2. Do what you can to put food on the table
  3. Do your own work when can
  4. Know your limits
  5. Don’t quit when your tired, quit when your done
  6. Dress like you own the place
  7. Speak like your playing chess, not checkers
  8. Consistency makes you an asset to your family
  9. Read like you just learned how to
  10. You are never too old to say “I’m sorry”

Your grandfather may have been a great man in your life, comment below or on twitter to let me know what your grandfather done right!

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