Preparing for the Winter Vortex

FullSizeRenderWinter Vortex is a fear mongering term that I got from my daily news show around here.  I do not believe that it is going to be a winter vortex as much as it will be cold air that gets us down below freezing here in North Carolina.  Now up towards Canada it may be “vortexing” but here it is a little over done… But that is besides the topic of today which is being prepared for this up coming winter.  It is getting toward the time of year when we are going to see more colder temperatures and we need to talk about being prepared to care for your family in case of the emergency of lost power or iced roads or anything else that could happen.  Before you hear the closing music you will have all the knowledge that you need to survive the upcoming WINTER VORTEX!!!!

Today we are going to cover:

  • Why this is a topic that a skilled gentleman needs to know
  • Why you need to be ready to deal with upcoming issues
  • How many people have died so that you can get this information (hows that for hyped!)
  • Your 5 survival needs, again
  • Some miscellaneous items that you should think about having
  • A quick talk about keeping your vehicle ready
  • A lot of Pro tips and life hacks in today’s show! (I say that tongue-in-cheek)

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