15 New Skills for 2015

skillsI know it is a little late for another post on what to do for 2015, but skills never be put off learning.  Plus these skills are going to be fun to learn and fun to show off once you develop them.  Consider this, your tools and stuff can always be taken away from you, but your skills will never be taken.  Your mind is something that can and should be stretched and developed as often as possible.  Even if you were to take one of these and develop it you will be happier and less stressed in the future, and also maybe make some money off of it.

Join me today as I talk about:

  • Why having new skills is a great thing
  • Why you shouldn’t pick up just any skill
  • What can your skill or hobby turn into
  • The 15 skills
    • Reading
    • Writing
    • Running
    • Beer Making
    • Cooking
    • Woodworking
    • Music
    • Gardening
    • Playing Chess
    • Keeping fish
    • Teaching
    • Lock Picking
    • Marksmanship
    • Storytelling
    • Fishing

During the show I promised that I would give a hyperlink to an instructable on aFT2GVJNGZACQFA1.MEDIUM simple project that you can do to make a wine bottle stand!  Check it out. just click on the picture!

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Executive Protection for the Family – Mindset

family-276168_640The mindset of an EPA is one that is always in full gear.  Being that person that is ready to respond to anything and everything is essential and needed if you are going to consider yourself an EPA for  your family.  Today’s show is kind of heavy but it is needed to be discussed.  We also went a little long today because I had so much to talk about so be prepared for a show lasting almost a full hour!  If you remember the introduction of this topic was covered in an earlier podcast called Executive Protection for the Family – Introduction.  That show covered a lot of the topics that I glance over in this show like how this is not a form of paranoia!

Join me today as I discuss:

  • A quick review on what an EPA is
  • A scenario to get you thinking
  • Who do you care more for
  • How to develop the mindset of an EPA
    • At home
    • Outside the home
  • Why it is not always about bugs and bullets
  • Why and how to educate yourself

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Gardening like a Gent

Citizen_working_on_Sunday_morning_in_his_victory_garden_8d31671vDepending on who you talk to gardening can be an easy hobby to adopt or a burden that will haunt you.  To be honest, the pessimist that says that you will have to endure weed pulling, bugs, and failed crops probably never put a seed in dirt before.  Starting from and early age I have put germinated seeds and watched energy flow from seedling to vegetable and then back to seed.  My grandfather made it a point to show me how this works and made sure that I had the fire in my heart to be self sustaining in my gardening.  The benefits from gardening is very apparent in people that enjoy this hobby vs people that go to the grocery store, and that’s just my two cents!

Join me today as we talk about:

  • How gardening is a complicated subject, not really
  • My hatred for Food Lion commercials
  • How Grocery stores make you believe how this is hard
  • Unspoken health benefits of gardening
  • The normal health benefits of gardening
  • How to start gardening in January
  • What to plant now
  • How easy it is to start
  • How to deal with no space

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15 Chivalrous things that you may not be doing

chivalry-390x285Being chivalrous is somewhat of a lost art.  We cannot consider ourselves being gentlemen without analyzing ourselves and finding ways to make ourselves more humble.  There are literately hundreds of ways that men in our day have failed to be a chivalrous gentleman and we need to change this and teach this to our children and the people that look up to us in life.

Join me today as I discuss:

  • Why we need chivalrous men in this world
  • Why it matters to us
  • The 15 things we can start doing today
  1. Opening the car door
  2. Opening the doors for others
  3. Calling instead of texting
  4. Actually listening and engaging in conversation
  5. Standing up for her
  6. Buying her flowers
  7. Keep your phone in your pocket
  8. Holding the umbrella for her
  9. Dress up for her
  10. Learn about her
  11. Never be late
  12. Make sure she got home safe
  13. Do not worry about her past
  14. Do not play games
  15. Be her gentleman, no one else’s

If you can think of others, please comment below or tweet at me @skilledgent.  You can also find me on Pinterest and learn what I am going to try and do around the homestead.  Thank you for listening.


Executive Protection for the Family – Introduction

Family_PortraitToday’s topic is one of the quintessential skills that all gentlemen should have.  Today’s topic is the introduction to the topic of Executive Protection.  The idea is to be the protector of your family or have the “sheep dog” mindset.  This is something that I have been working to master for the past few years and have done well thus far.  My skills of being able to care for my family have come about to include everything from pre planning trips to advanced first aid, all of which will be included in the future shows.  Some may take this as gospel and run with it and will do well and others will take this and feel offended because I questioned their manhood.  I do not wish to insult anyone, but you should know how to deal with a possible disaster, no matter how hard it may be to think about.

The series will include:

Today’s topics include:

  • What is an EPA
  • Why should we investigate how to be an EPA
  • Why our families and friends employ us
  • Future Concepts
  • Why this is not a form of paranoia
  • Major statistics

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Pre-Trip Inspections for a Road Trip

StateLibQld_1_114320_Silvio_Campanotti_posing_next_to_a_Studebaker_car,_Ingham,_1940The pre-trip inspection of a vehicle could mean rather you get to your destination to enjoy your time away from daily grind or spend it in a garage or worse, the hospital.  The topic of today’s show was brought to you by my latest excursion to the mountains with my wife.  After a long weekend of enjoying friends and family along with some surprising smooth single malt Scottish whiskey we had a wonderful time.  You can see a few of the pictures from the trip on my Twitter feed.  Before we left for the mountains I preformed a vital ritual that has been handed down to me from generations of well prepared men.  The pre-trip inspection.  There is a right way and a wrong way to do these and could end up making the trip a great story or a tragedy.

Today’s topic includes:

  • Why this is important for a gentleman to preform?
  • Why it should be taken serious
  • How to preform your inspection
  • What to look for and what tools are needed
  • A few pro tips for your trip
  • The reason why you need a map
  • Rental car concerns

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10 Things Your Grandfather Got Right

grandfather grandsonChances are your grandfather (or father, great grandfather, etc.) had habits that was done well.  My grandfather was/is a pillar in my life and I respect and admire his life lessons given to me.  As men we need to be able to sit down and take notice of the people in our life and be able to extract the life lessons worth having and carry them onto our own followers in life.

The 10 things your grandfather got right are:

  1. Family comes first
  2. Do what you can to put food on the table
  3. Do your own work when can
  4. Know your limits
  5. Don’t quit when your tired, quit when your done
  6. Dress like you own the place
  7. Speak like your playing chess, not checkers
  8. Consistency makes you an asset to your family
  9. Read like you just learned how to
  10. You are never too old to say “I’m sorry”

Your grandfather may have been a great man in your life, comment below or on twitter to let me know what your grandfather done right!

Preparing for the Winter Vortex

FullSizeRenderWinter Vortex is a fear mongering term that I got from my daily news show around here.  I do not believe that it is going to be a winter vortex as much as it will be cold air that gets us down below freezing here in North Carolina.  Now up towards Canada it may be “vortexing” but here it is a little over done… But that is besides the topic of today which is being prepared for this up coming winter.  It is getting toward the time of year when we are going to see more colder temperatures and we need to talk about being prepared to care for your family in case of the emergency of lost power or iced roads or anything else that could happen.  Before you hear the closing music you will have all the knowledge that you need to survive the upcoming WINTER VORTEX!!!!

Today we are going to cover:

  • Why this is a topic that a skilled gentleman needs to know
  • Why you need to be ready to deal with upcoming issues
  • How many people have died so that you can get this information (hows that for hyped!)
  • Your 5 survival needs, again
  • Some miscellaneous items that you should think about having
  • A quick talk about keeping your vehicle ready
  • A lot of Pro tips and life hacks in today’s show! (I say that tongue-in-cheek)

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Do you have the mindset to be a Gentleman?


Today’s show is meant to challenge your manliness.  If you can tell by the title of the show my question to you is are you in the mindset to be a gentleman?  There are many different schools of thought on being a gentleman and many different definitions, but as for today we are going to make up our own.  You do not have to be a rocket surgeon to know that the state of manliness has been degraded to scenes on Jersey Shore and have been told our grandparents were terrible role models.  I for one feel that men should behave like our grandfathers but in a altered way.  My way of thinking derived from the observation of the men that I see around my daily walk.  Men treating their spouses like garbage or as secondary to them is appalling.  My grandfather was never like this and I never expect him to do so.  So with that, sit back with some coffee or scotch and enjoy the show!

On today’s show we talk about:

  • What is a gentleman?
  • Can we agree on the terms of gentleman?
  • What is my view on being a gentleman?
  • How we need to be family oriented
  • How we need to be learned
  • How we need to be Consistent/Reliable
  • My finial thoughts on why this matters

If you have any questions, concerns, complaints, or comments please enter it below and tell me what is on your mind.  I would love to hear from you.