72 Hour Kit

phone pictures 024A 72 hour kit is composed of many different items that helps you not only survive but it helps you keep your family happy though times that are uncomfortable.  This topic is not talked about very much in this community and needs to be a topic that is covered.  Tune in today and see what actually goes into building and maintaining a 72 hour kit!  These kits are essential to have with you if you decide to go on a road trip and should be checked every time you decide to do a pre trip inspection.  To ignore having a 72 hour kit is like saying there will never be a time and place where I will have an issue or a problem.  Man up and make one before your family needs one.  Along with the items in your kit you should have a properly stocked first aid kit.  Essential is one so much that I decided to make a podcast on it.  Check it out in conjunction with this one.

Today’s topic covers:

  • What is a 72 Hour kit?
  • How does building a 72 hour kit fit into the ideals of Skilled Gentlemen?
  • How would having a kit have helped in Atlanta’s snow storm or in New York’s flood?
  • What do you put into a 72 hour kit?
  • What are the 5 survival needs?
  • What extra items will you need outside of the 5 needs?
  • My finial thoughts about building a 72 hour kit.

Today’s topic is kind of heavy, but it definitely needed to be covered because of its importance to your family.  If you have any questions, concerns, comments, or complaints please comment below!


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